About the councils

In recent years, local government has faced significant challenges. In rural locations, these challenges are often multiplied: services can be complex to deliver, and resources are easily stretched. However, since 2011, Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils have worked together to implement a shared vision and outcome-based approach which marks a fundamental shift in the way that services are run, and financial security is protected.

It is a progressive partnership, rooted in the shared ambition of two sovereign councils. Each has retained its unique identity and although we remain separate, we are actively working towards our vision of being One Council. To this end, our workforces have been integrated and we are the first districts nationally to move to joint headquarters, creating a public sector hub with Suffolk County Council and two clinical commissioning groups. Our pioneering work has won national plaudits – Babergh District Council and Mid-Suffolk District Council received silver awards in the Council of the Year and the Working Together categories of the 2018 Public Sector Transformation Awards. 

We are unstinting in our ambition for the communities we serve, with a shared focus on supporting sustainable economic growth, building more affordable housing and helping our communities stay safe and become healthier.

As we explore the best ways of working together, we have engaged extensively with a broad range of stakeholders, gathering feedback and suggestions that inform our vision. As this work progresses, we will continue to draw on expert advice on how best to harness the power of our teams and deliver transformational public services for the benefit of all our residents. We are currently preparing a joint Local Plan which will shape the development of the districts - and all of our communities - for the next two decades.

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Political Structures

Babergh District Council is in overall control of the Conservative Party. It comprises 43 councillors, with the following political affiliations:

  • Conservative 27
  • Labour 2
  • Liberal Democrat 3
  • Independent 9
  • Babergh Unionists 2

Mid-Suffolk District Council is also in Conservative control and comprises 39 councillors, with the following political affiliations:

  • Conservative 29
  • Liberal Democrat 4
  • Independent 1
  • Green 5